Go Orange for No Kid Hungry

Over 16 million kids in America struggle with hunger.   (That’s enough kids to fill over 200,000 school buses!) But you can help and it’s as simple wearing the color orange!

Orange is not just the color of Team No Kid Hungry; it’s actually the color of hunger awareness.  On September 24th join Team No Kid Hungry, young celebrities like Amandla Stenberg, FCCLA students, nonprofit partners, and individuals like YOU in Go Orange for No Kid Hungry.

Go Orange for No Kid Hungry is a national effort to raise awareness about the 1 in 5 kids who face hunger every day.  Get you school, sports team, youth group, friends and family involved by planning to wear orange on the same day.  While rocking the color orange, help raise even more awareness by snapping a photo and sharing it with your Facebook Friends.  Don’t forget to also share your photos on the No Kid Hungry 2 Facebook page.


2013 Go Orange for No Kid Hungry Essay Contest


First: Bret Serbin
Second: Anna Huebner
Third: Hanxing Kuang

Your letters will make a difference. Team No Kid Hungry will be sharing all submissions with local and national leaders across the nation. Consider making a BIGGER impact by taking the following actions:

Prizes, sponsored by Sodexo Foundation:

Your Words Can End Childhood Hunger: Write a letter to a local or national leader- for example, your congressperson, superintendent, or mayor, telling them why ending childhood hunger in America is important to you and ask them to take action.

Teachers: Make the No Kid Hungry letter-writing campaign part of your curriculum with standards-aligned lesson plans for:

English Language Arts
Social Studies/Civics
Service Learning


2012 Go Orange for No Kid Hungry Essay Contest Winners

Congratulations to last years winners!

Grand Prize: Natasha Suri

Under 15
First: Athena Sofides
Second: Emily P.
Third: Emma Bushman

Over 15
First: Kyle Frank
Second: Austin Jones
Third: Sana Moqeet


No Kid Hungry

A great first step to helping to end childhood hunger is to take the No Kid Hungry Pledge. By taking the pledge, you are adding your voice to the movement of people committed to ending childhood hunger in America.

Get involved. Get others involved.

Take the No Kid Hungry Pledge

I believe that no child in America should go hungry. By pledging today, I add my voice to the national movement of people committed to ending childhood hunger in America by 2015.

85,687 Pledge Takers


Wearing orange is just one way to help raise awareness for No Kid Hungry. Check out more ways to get involved.

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Eating breakfast is the most important meal, yet millions of kids across America don't get the food they need to start their day off on the right foot.

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“Hunger Hits Home”


Watch a 40 minute Food Network documentary about hunger in America.

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Birthdays for No Kid Hungry


Dedicate your birthday to No Kid Hungry and ask for donations instead of presents.

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Bake Sale for No Kid Hungry


Hosting a bake sale is a fun way to raise money for No Kid Hungry.

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Coins (or Dollars) for Kids


Everyone has plenty of loose change in their pockets or purse.

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No Kid Hungry, Every Kid Healthy


Learn how to make healthy food choices while also helping hungry kids across America.

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