Kids Kick Hunger


Every day across America, the unfortunate effects of childhood hunger can be seen. It’s the child who has trouble learning or who visits the school nurse more often with stomach aches or headaches. Surprised? Here are some of the facts about childhood hunger in America:

State of Hunger

No Kid Hungry

A great first step to helping to end childhood hunger is to take the No Kid Hungry Pledge. Ask a grown up if it’s okay first though! By taking the pledge, you are adding your voice to the movement of people committed to ending childhood hunger in America.

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Do Your Part

Now that you’ve learned a little more about childhood hunger in America, you’re probably thinking, wow, what can I do to help? We’ve got the answers! Whether you’re raising awareness or raising money, everyone can do their part to end childhood hunger. We have ways to involve your parents and teachers, too. You can do some of these activities with your whole family or your classmates. After taking action, come back to to tell us about it from the action blocks below. We always looking for great stories to share on the No Kid Hungry 2 blog.

Class Activities

Sell No Kid Hungry Gear

Sell these fun orange sunglasses for $5 or more each and help to raise both funds and awareness for our nation’s hungry children.

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Family Activities