Hunger Quiz 101

What is food insecurity?

Food insecurity means you don't have access to the food you need to be healthy. You may change the kind of food you buy to save money or even skip meals because you don't have enough money to buy the food you need. Submit

How many kids in America go hungry?

16.2 million kids go hungry in America. That's 1 in 5 kids. Submit

Which is a program that helps hungry kids?

Food Pantries are local, non-profit organizations that collect and distribute food to needy families. Meals on Wheels assist elderly and disabled people while Hunger Games is a book! Submit

Which is NOT a symptom of hunger?

Leg cramps are not a symptom of hunger. Hungry kids are more likely to have a variety of illnesses, including stomachaches, and are more likely to be overweight as children and adults. Submit

Where does hunger exist?

Hunger exists everywhere. While it is most common in cities, hungry kids can be found in rural areas near farms and in the suburbs. Submit

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